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RE: Is SFL out of touch? - Waldo L - 07-31-2018

Do you think we're just the grown-ups that were the rebels growing up in our little, dusty, conservative corners of America? We were the rebels that didn't want to toe the line like we were told, because "we knew this [culture] wasn't right." Sure, modern tastes show that it's perfectly acceptable for women to wear pants, and to sing hymns written more recently than 1982, but we thought we were such rebels. And here, we are just being nostalgic about our pasts. We liked being the hater, by being the normal person in a sea of haters.

RE: Is SFL out of touch? - Darrell - 08-01-2018

The revolution is here and its pretty mainstream.

RE: Is SFL out of touch? - Natalie - 08-01-2018

(07-27-2018, 01:36 PM)Ricardo Wrote: SFL was -and continues to be- an oasis for convalescing Christians.


RE: Is SFL out of touch? - pastor's wife - 08-02-2018

My guess is that part of it is that, since Darrell stopped writing new blog posts, we aren't really getting new people. We who are here have as our background the old school fundamentalism (of various camps). We cannot speak to what is happening now because we've stepped away from it and we're not experiencing IFB Church 2018, but we sometimes still want to vent about our experiences.

RE: Is SFL out of touch? - co_heir - 08-06-2018

Every once in a while I'll catch some of the programming on FBN. There are still a fair bunch of old time fundies out there.