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The Fourth - Natalie - 07-03-2018

What’s everyone doing for the 4th?

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The Fourth - EnlightenedMK - 07-03-2018

We are taking the kids to our local water park to spend the day... something we could never do in fundydom!

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The Fourth - Natalie - 07-03-2018


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RE: The Fourth - leo the lamb - 07-04-2018

I bought 10lbs of burgers and my favorite dogs, so I'll probably man the family grill. I may go to the big fireworks show with my brother's family, but maybe I'll just turn in early for work the next day. Other than that, I suppose I will bum about and/or play with my sister's kids. They made up a trampoline game that never gets old called "don't touch the ball".

RE: The Fourth - WalrusWrangler - 07-05-2018

I chilled out at home most of the day, getting some much needed rest. Then in the evening I got dinner with friends, and we watched fireworks after. The fireworks were just a mile from my place, so I walked. I've been trying to do more walking lately. It was nice.

RE: The Fourth - leo the lamb - 07-08-2018

I love to walk, but I'm glad I had roller blades in my van when I went to see the show in the big park 40 minutes away. I came relatively late, so instead of looking for nearby parking I found a university slot with a meter a couple blocks away and paid for the full two hours. Good thing, as afterwards I ended up skating to the far end of the park to avoid the huge crowd slowly making their way over the small bridge the way I'd come in, going way around before I finally located my van with a few minutes to spare.

RE: The Fourth - co_heir - 07-09-2018

Our church community group usually holds a blowout at a farm belonging to one of our members. This year the blowout is reserved for the wedding of their son in August. This year we had a smaller gathering in a backyard with two whole pigs smoked overnight, brisket, Carolina has, multiple sides, good wine, and three kegs of home brewed beer. A good time was had by all. Smile

RE: The Fourth - Miss TTU Runner-Up - 07-15-2018

We were in NYC! It was our first time to take our daughter. We spent the morning at the Central Park Zoo. In the evening, we went to the big fireworks show on the East River. We were directed to an area set aside for families with young kids. We were surrounded by families of all colors and ethnicities. It was beautiful and amazing to celebrate our country with them!

RE: The Fourth - pastor's wife - 07-23-2018

Miss TTU, that's awesome!

I didn't do anything. Our town does have a parade and fireworks later in July.