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"presidential erections" and other Freudian slips - Workin' Mama - 04-22-2018

This afternoon the hubby and I had the rare treat of eating lunch together, just the two of us, while the kids were taking naps. He started talking about politics, and accidentally said something to the effect of, "I wonder what will happen during the next presidential erection . . ."  Of course I teased him mercilessly and we both cracked a few more off-color jokes.

It reminded me of something that happened at the fundy church I attended during my late teens.

The church was having a huge building project, and the MOG was totally pumped about it. They had erected one of those things in the front of the church with artificial red bricks.  The bricks were to illustrate how much money we had raised relative to the cost of the building project, and the more money they squeezed out of people, the higher the stack of bricks got.

Anyways, one day the MOG was talking about the building project, and talking about how much money we had raised. He joyfully reported that we were going to started "erecting" the building, and how excited he was that we were going to start the "erection phase."  He kept going on and on about it, and I lost track of how many times he used the words "erect" and "erection." The only reason I didn't laugh out loud was because I didn't want my mom to kill me or something.

Looking back I wonder how it is that I, a teenage girl whose sex education consisted mainly of reading biology textbooks, totally understood how inappropriate the language and phallic symbolism were, while the MOG, a middle-aged married man, seemed totally oblivious. Or was he oblivious? Guess we'll never know. LMAO.

RE: "presidential erections" and other Freudian slips - myotch - 04-23-2018

Nothing beats Jack Schaap polishing his staff in front of the congregation. And the crowd went wild.

I often think it was deliberate. It had to be, didn’t it?

I remember a pastor singing a song he wrote, and the chorus was a double entendre. And I was 14 and sitting with friends. I thought that keeping a straight face was going to burst something in my head.

RE: "presidential erections" and other Freudian slips - Josh - 04-23-2018

A friend of mine from college recalled how one Easter Sunday in his church, a deacon was trying to express his gratitude for the resurrection in a prayer, but what came out was, "Lord, we thank you for your glorious erection..."

RE: "presidential erections" and other Freudian slips - WalrusWrangler - 04-24-2018

The pastor at my old IFB church was talking about a women's event held at a trampoline park. He said something to the effect of, "I wish I could be there to watch." He meant to poke fun at adult women at a trampoline park largely aimed at kids, but it came off as Jimmy Kimmle hosting wet t-shirt contests on trampolines. I don't think anyone besides me and the guy next to me caught on, though.

I went to that same trampoline park, and I only lasted fifteen minutes before I was exhausted. I spent the rest of the hour sitting on the bench, occasionally getting up to jump for maybe two minutes before sitting back down again.