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The Book of Separation - redhot - 01-18-2018

I just read The Book of Separation by Tova Mirvis.  It is a memoir of her life growing up in Orthodox Judaism, trapped by the rituals and rules. After several years of marriage, she finally faced what she had known for a very long time: she didn't believe it and wanted out.  She explores the idea of wanting to leave but still embrace some of the traditions that had meant something to her in the past.  I found this book to be interesting and to have some parallels to my journey "out.' I have since also downloaded several of her novels. 

It is available for Kindle on Amazon for $2.99, but I was able to check out the ebook from my library. 


RE: The Book of Separation - Darrell - 01-21-2018

Sounds interesting. I'm always fascinated by how similar the journey out of other restrictive sects can be.

RE: The Book of Separation - Ricardo - 01-21-2018

I'm currently reading "Leaving the Saints, How I lost the Mormons and found my Faith"

Yep, same.