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The Last Jedi - WalrusWrangler - 12-18-2017

The film has been surprisingly divisive. I personally loved it. I can understand some of the criticism, but I didn't expect the extremes to be so, well, extreme. 

Most of the criticism I've seen is related to the film's status as the second in a trilogy. It feels more like a finale in some respects. Specifically, both the Resistance and the New Order suffer heavy losses, and in the end they're left to rebuild and decide what they should be going forward. It's more like the setup for a new trilogy than the setup for a finale. I don't mind, though. They're already planning to go beyond episode IX. Why constrain the saga into a trilogy structure? The film had a lot of great themes, and the execution was stellar. It doesn't preclude Episode IX being a great film as well.

RE: The Last Jedi - RobMille - 12-18-2017

I'm not a huge star wars fan. I thought most of them have been dud movies. I did think that TFA was pretty dang good for a Star Wars movie, and Rogue One was the best one of the whole series. That said, this one felt like just a total stall with no real change whatsoever in any of the story, just a slow speed chase with no one coming up with a real plan for anything and all of the plans they did try to come up with ending in total failure/disaster. Felt like just stalling to have a movie out there with never before seen clips that didn't do anything to change anything of the story.