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Halloween Playlist - Miss TTU Runner-Up - 10-10-2017

These are some of my favorites.  Feel free to add! (Anything except Monster Mash!)

Werewolves of London — Warren Zevon
Feel Like a Monster — Skillet
House on Shady Lane— Plain White Ts
A Freak Like Me Needs Company — Spider-Man:Turn Off the Dark soundtrack
Ghost Riders in the Sky — Johnny Cash
There’s a Light (Over at the Frankenstein Place) — Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack
Witchy Woman — Eagles
Zombie Jamboree — Rockapella
Somebody’s Watching Me
Dead Man’s Party — Oingo Boingo
This is Halloween — Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack
My Man’s an Undertaker— Dinah Washington 
Tombstone— Suzanne Vega
Zombie Zoo — Tom Petty 
Man With the Hex — The Atomic Fireballs

RE: Halloween Playlist - rsc2a - 10-13-2017

Feed my Frankenstein - Alice Cooper
Welcome to my nightmare - Alice Cooper

RE: Halloween Playlist - myotch - 10-13-2017

Bela Lugosi's Dead, by Bauhaus
Hell, by Squirrel Nut Zippers
Goodbye Horses by Q Lazarus ( Buffalo Bill's song from Silence of the Lambs)

RE: Halloween Playlist - Natalie - 10-14-2017