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RE: What's your instrument? - Tiarali - 09-17-2017

I played cello in high school. I'm not very good.

I want to learn Piano.

What's your instrument? - MyKneesAreShowing - 09-19-2017

I'm sort of learning to play the viola. Practicing more than once every couple of months would probably help the learning curve though.

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RE: What's your instrument? - Campmeeting Liberal - 09-21-2017

I play piano. My dad forced me to take lessons from the age of 5 until I turned 15 or 16. I became the pianist in his church when I was 13. BUT I love playing now. I write music and play all kinds of genres. There was something good that came out of it. lol

RE: What's your instrument? - Miss TTU Runner-Up - 09-23-2017

I took piano lessons for something like 15 years, but you wouldn't want me in your band! I had a high interest level/low talent level situation.

RE: What's your instrument? - Woke Up - 11-24-2017

My nose. I blow it often as well.

RE: What's your instrument? - Perry - 11-26-2017

Piano. I've barely touched it since I stopped going to church (since I don't really have a reason to play it anymore, and the only songs I can play are super southern gospel-sounding...), but I can still pick it up quickly the few times every year that I have access to a piano.

RE: What's your instrument? - WalrusWrangler - 11-27-2017

I took piano lessons for a bit in college. I was ok, but I never left the beginner stage. After I graduated I took lessons from a fundy at my old church. I didn't make a lot of progress there, but it wasn't her fault. I just didn't have as much time/motivation to practice as I did in college.

I'd love to pick up an instrument, whether it's piano again or something else like guitar. I just tend to start something like that, mess around with it a few months, then put it down for years.