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What's your instrument? - myotch - 09-10-2017

Mine is electric bass.  Still a beginner.

Learning Toadies' "Possum Kindgom", which is fun.  
Can play simple, non-flourishy songs with steady bass line, like Coldplay's "Yellow", a simple version of Lit's "My Own Worst Enemy", Everclear's "Santa Monica", U2's monotonous "With or Without You", Radiohead's "Creep", and variations of "boogie woogie".

So, what you guys got going?  What instruments, what songs?  Anyone want to start an internet band?

RE: What's your instrument? - pastor's wife - 09-10-2017

I play the piano (which I prefer to a keyboard, but I'll play a keyboard if I can join your internet band). I struggle with syncopation, having avoided it as "sin" for SOOO many years! I do better with folk songs than rock music, but I'm trying to adapt!

I played the ukulele in a play this summer (only a couple chords!) I'd love to learn the violin. Maybe someday! Sometimes I've thought I'd like to play the dulcimer.

RE: What's your instrument? - Dr. Jezebel - 09-10-2017

Piano/keyboard, flute, recorder, vocals. Can also do some light percussion, like tambourine & various shakers.

RE: What's your instrument? - Josh - 09-11-2017

I mostly play - admittedly not very often lately - the piano / keyboard, with occasional dabbling in the guitar.

What's your instrument? - Rulebreaker - 09-11-2017

I play acoustic guitar. Just began playing about 4-5 years ago. Took lessons for a couple years but admittedly have little to no time for practicing with a very cute toddler demanding the majority of my time.

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RE: What's your instrument? - Don - 09-13-2017

Kazoo mainly... but I'm fly at pickin...
.my nose.

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RE: What's your instrument? - co_heir - 09-16-2017


RE: What's your instrument? - BigRed1 - 09-17-2017

Funny, Don.

I've played the trumpet, French horn, Bag Pipes, and Viola. I play none of them today.

I'd like to learn how to play the cello. The cello best expresses my overall mood these days.


RE: What's your instrument? - Dr. Jezebel - 09-17-2017

The cello & the double bass are on my "to learn" list.

RE: What's your instrument? - co_heir - 09-17-2017

I used to play the accordian when I was in high school and in a fundy church. I wish I had learned to play the guitar. ?