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A Christian Cult Survivor Speaks... - ThawingOut - 09-03-2017

[attachment=1346]"Mark had been part of a Christian cult throughout his childhood and adolescence, so when he showed up as a freshman at Bob Jones University (BJU), he came face to face with a slightly larger slice of humanity. I emphasize “slightly” because BJU students’ beliefs and lifestyles still make up a minuscule percentage of Americans, and especially, of the world’s inhabitants.

Even at BJU, however, Mark discovered a few discrepancies between his beliefs and and those of most BJU faculty and students. We can’t both be right, he realized, but we’re both sure we’re right and we both have Bible verses to prove we’re right.

Suddenly, it dawned on him. If one of us are wrong, we could both be wrong. All of this — the Christian faith as a whole, and heck, even God’s existence — could be one big construction of our imaginations...

See http://www.thawingout.org/index.php/2017/09/02/why-im-still-alive-marks-story/

RE: A Christian Cult Survivor Speaks... - rtgmath - 09-04-2017

Yup. About what happened to me, although it took a while. But BJU showing me that I was wrong in one area allowed me to think that they might be wrong in other areas.

And so began my drift toward becoming a liberal Christian. Mark Minnick would be so proud! (well, maybe not!)

RE: A Christian Cult Survivor Speaks... - Campmeeting Liberal - 09-23-2017

Same thing happened to me. BJU made me a liberal Christian. haha

RE: A Christian Cult Survivor Speaks... - RobMille - 09-26-2017

Looking forward to part II