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Hi everyone! - Rulebreaker - 08-29-2017

Hi everyone! I'm new here. I honestly stumbled across the blog just last week and saw the forum is still recently active. After reading some posts, I thought to myself, these people get me. Haha.
I was raised in an IFB church, went to an ACE school, and then attended what you all refer to as a "Fundy U". I prefer to call it a waste of $ and 4 years of my life. In all seriousness, my experiences in college are what primarily opened my eyes and caused me to seriously evaluate my belief system. Nearly 10 years (whaaaat?! Where did that time go?) after graduating, I am still figuring life and faith out to some degree. I go to a non denominational church now and am really enjoying it there.
So that's a little about me. I Look forward to "meeting" some of you!

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RE: Hi everyone! - Miss TTU Runner-Up - 08-29-2017

Welcome! Glad you found us!

RE: Hi everyone! - myotch - 08-29-2017

Welcome! We are a dysfunctional family all over the political, religious, and philosophical maps. Look forward to your contributions!

RE: Hi everyone! - Josh - 08-29-2017

Welcome aboard the Pearl of Great Price Before Swine. We hope you enjoy your travels with us.  Big Grin

RE: Hi everyone! - Dr. Jezebel - 08-30-2017

Welcome! Glad you're here. Smile

RE: Hi everyone! - pastor's wife - 08-30-2017

There are still a few of us here! Join in on some of the discussions if you'd like.

People outside the IFB don't understand; people can't even comprehend what fundy U (any of them) was like. It's always nice to talk to people who GET IT, even if where we ended up is very different.

RE: Hi everyone! - leo the lamb - 08-30-2017

Hi! Welcome.

RE: Hi everyone! - Don - 09-05-2017

Welcome aboard The Black Pearl of Great Price Before Swine. Glad to have you sailing with us . Find you berth, stow your gear and join us in the White Piano Lounge.

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RE: Hi everyone! - Natalie - 09-05-2017

Hi, Rulebreaker! Your journey is very similar to mine. Welcome to our little circle of heathens (or rather, people brave enough to question the system). We're not as active as we once were, but we're still here. 

If you just want to vent or ask questions, go ahead. One of my favorite things to do is refute fundies with the same KJV that they worship. It's a hobby of mine.  Tongue

RE: Hi everyone! - co_heir - 09-05-2017

Shame on you for hanging out with a bunch of reprobates! Uh, I mean welcome!