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Christian Domestic Discipline - co_heir - 06-04-2017

I saw a thing on Facebook the other day about a supposed blog post about the benefits of CDD, including the husband spanking the wife. Some of my friends think this is a satire. Is this a thing in certain fundy circles?

RE: Christian Domestic Discipline - myotch - 06-04-2017

It seems there was a site selling a kind of fundamentalist s&m gear a few years ago. Wasn't a joke site, which made it all more weird....like looking at a bizarro Sears catalog from 1961.

RE: Christian Domestic Discipline - Dr. Jezebel - 06-04-2017

It's a real thing.

RE: Christian Domestic Discipline - Workin' Mama - 06-04-2017

The website Spiritual Sounding Board has a lot of information about it. They have several well-researched articles about it.

I'm posting the following like with a major ***Trigger Warning***. The content is quite upsetting.




RE: Christian Domestic Discipline - Miss TTU Runner-Up - 06-04-2017

I think it's a real thing for some. Certainly some preachers advocate punishing a wife, albeit not generally physically. But it's not much of a leap from restricting her free time to physical punishment, IMO.
For others I think it's a form of kink wrapped in Bible speak.
No Longer Quivering mentioned some about this recently as well.

RE: Christian Domestic Discipline - WalrusWrangler - 06-05-2017

I've never been in a church or known someone who advocated it, but I've heard tell of it.

RE: Christian Domestic Discipline - redhot - 06-07-2017

When I was at Fundy U, the pastor regularly preached about how to discipline children properly, including beginning punishing children as young as 6 weeks by either "flicking" them on the arm or upper leg, and moving on to actual spankings. The rules for administering corporal punishment included such things as the child could not cry or he would be spanked again. If the child was of school age, he was also supposed to count the number of swats aloud as they were being administered. One of the pastoral ministry students was a former soldier who had married a girl from Germany. When I was at their house for Thanksgiving, she confided that she had a problem with such extreme discipline for her child, who wasn't even 1 year old. Her husband had told her that if she did not spank her son as he (the husband) had instructed her, he would spank her and show her how it was supposed to be done.  She was afraid not only for her child, but also for herself. 
Even before "college," my siblings and I sometimes stayed at the home of a family in our church. The husband regularly took his wife into the bathroom for a spanking, one time even making her leave the dinner table in the middle of the meal, and spanked her with a belt. We could hear the swats from our place in the kitchen.  This was the same "discipline" he used on his children.