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Forbidden TV Shows - First Time Caller - 10-17-2016

A friend of my daughter's introduced her to the old TV sitcom "Different Strokes."  I ended up getting sucked into it myself, and after slapping down $8.99 for a month's subscription to Starz, we've all been binge watching it this evening.  

Different Strokes is one show on a VERY long list of shows that were on the "no-no" list in our home.  A few others - Facts of Life, Blossom, Doogie Howser, ER, The Wonder Years, Beverly Hills 90210, Roseanne.  Obviously that list is not exclusive. My mom was ok with us watching Sesame Street, but my dad didn't like it.  I'm not sure what the criteria for shows being acceptable were, because I remember my parents watching MASH and Cheers.  Perhaps if they were interested in it, it became ok.  

I missed the entire Seinfeld & Friends era because I was at Fundy U then.  

Many of the shows that were forbidden have no appeal to me now... I can't see myself ever desiring to binge watch Doogie Howser.  

I've caught up on a lot of the old series from reruns on cable channels.  Honestly, I find myself enjoying old shows more than most of what's produced today.

I realize we all probably represent different decades of "evil television shows" - so I was wondering, what shows were you forbidden to watch, and which have you watched since?

RE: Forbidden TV Shows - WalrusWrangler - 10-18-2016

My family was pretty relaxed about TV and movies. The church leaders were not, though. When I was a kid Friends was the big punching bag. The pastor would rail against it in his sermons, and church members only discussed it in hushed whispers if they actually watched. My parents went on a brief kick where it wasn't allowed, but that lasted maybe a month. When I was a teenager the pastor decided to attack to the Disney channel because they had a lot of music. Hannah Montana was anathema. The pastor told stories where kids would come home from school and tell their parents that they aren't watching Hannah Montana anymore, and you could hear the pride in his voice.

Some people went a bit further and attacked anything that wasn't squeaky clean G-rated. I remember the youth pastor complaining about the movie Ice Age. He didn't let his kids watch Fineas and Ferb or practically anything, but he all but admitted that he didn't have a reason.

RE: Forbidden TV Shows - Miss TTU Runner-Up - 10-18-2016

Let's see...I pretty much wasn't allowed to watch anything current from about age 10 to age 14 or so. I was allowed to watch Alf, Little House on the Prairie, Family Ties and some old black and white stuff. In high school I watched Full House, Boy Meets World, and Family Matters. We were not allowed to watch The Cosby Show because my mom said it showed the parents in bed together.

RE: Forbidden TV Shows - myotch - 10-19-2016

I watched it all. My mom didn't have a clue what a Saturday Night Live was in it's first season, or how subversive it was. She certainly didn't know about Benny Hill or the oh-so-kitschy Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and the sneaky way they put rated R horror movies with nudity on local UHF broadcast, or she might have restricted my viewing.

Her control was making sure we didn't have cable, because everyone at her office complained their teens watched MTV nonstop. MTV, hah!

RE: Forbidden TV Shows - leo the lamb - 10-19-2016

We weren't very restricted growing up until one day the tv was ceremoniously tossed into the dumpster. Back then we mostly stuck to mild stuff if I recall correctly, as far as shows. MacGyver, The A-team, Full House, Saved by the Bell, etc. Mom was usually doing something else, and oldest brother watched Little House and MASH (he did watch A-team back then, but twenty years later expressed his regret). It was a few years before we could watch tv again here and there, but there hasn't been an actual television set in my mom's house since the purge. It wasn't until we got a PC that movies came back into the house, and tv shows years later with Netflix and bootlegs. I've since watched a lot of stuff that might have led to another purge had they been seen ten years earlier, like Supernatural and TWD. Milder favorites include Fringe and Blue Bloods.

RE: Forbidden TV Shows - Klasie Kraalogies - 10-22-2016

What do you mean "Forbidden Shows "? At least you could still watch some things...

We had no TV because it was eeeevil. TV itself was basically forbidden....

RE: Forbidden TV Shows - leo the lamb - 10-22-2016

TV was evil in my world, too. But maybe it wasn't so bad if you watched only wholesome things. Yet clearly it was a tube going directly to hell to bring up the darkest filth. Sometimes.

If only they understood that just about everything has the potential to be good or bad, usually both with a lot of neutral. Making things off-limits on pain of hell is not a good way to teach kids to make good choices.

RE: Forbidden TV Shows - Miss TTU Runner-Up - 10-22-2016

We had neighbors who attended our church, and they didn't have a TV. The husband would go to his in-laws' house to watch sports. Eventually, they got a TV, but they kept it in a closet and only brought it out when the husband wanted to watch a game.

RE: Forbidden TV Shows - Ricardo - 10-22-2016

What? You did not watch Dallas or Falcon Crest?

RE: Forbidden TV Shows - BigRed1 - 10-22-2016

Benny Hill. That's all I've got to say about that. That is, unless someone here wants to discuss the virtues of this English classic.