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Kent Hovind's Getting Married - Away-From-The-Umbrella - 09-06-2016

Scroll a couple posts down for the post about his divorce (Steve Anderson ranted about Hovind's ex and son.)

The comment section has been.... busy. 

"Not really judging you here - Im divorcrd against my wishes - but didnt you say just 2 or 3 months ago that you intended to ask Jo to remarry you after the divorce? ...but now you're saying that thisnwas in the works since February...? Just a little mixed up on the timeline here"

Not all fundies are happy about this turn of events, but his true-blue followers will no doubt stick with him.

After hearing Steve Anderson's rant, I bet that was a set up for this announcement. He tried to make the case that Hovind's wife was the eeeeeevil one. Naturally.

RE: Kent Hovind Announces His Upcoming Marriage - Away-From-The-Umbrella - 09-06-2016

^^^ The Set Up

RE: Kent Hovind's Getting Married - Away-From-The-Umbrella - 09-07-2016

There seems to be mucho bullcrap in Hovind's video about his divorce and remarriage.

He says it is not his ex-wife's fault...that he doesn't blame her. "She is terrorized by what the government did. I blame the government."

"And as you know from other youtube stuff people have posted... you know my wife said 'that's it we're done'".
If he actually felt this way, why did he allow Steve Anderson to slam her the way he did? SOMEONE told his buddy Steve all that stuff...

All his statements about praying, fasting, getting counsel, waiting for his first kiss - He is clearly saying the things his followers expect. But it just reeks of insincerity. Then the part about being an example to others - barf!

By the way, he is marrying someone who made videotapes to warn people to avoid vaccines. She is as nutty as he is. I wonder if she is willing to go to jail for him, too.

Kent Hovind's Getting Married - rtgmath - 09-07-2016

The disconnects are amazing. I'm sure they see themselves as righteous even while they do the same things they have condemned in others.

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RE: Kent Hovind's Getting Married - Away-From-The-Umbrella - 09-07-2016

I am not willing to torture myself enough to do it, but I bet it wouldn't take long to find video of Steve Anderson denouncing all divorced mennogawd who are active in ministry. I have a feeling Stevie is gonna let this one slide...

Kind of like Steve Roberson: preaches against divorced pastors until he (or someone in his close circle) is one.

RE: Kent Hovind's Getting Married - Away-From-The-Umbrella - 09-07-2016

The plot thickens:

"Kevin Hovind's Mistress"


"When Kent Hovind called me to invite me to his then-secret wedding, I didn’t know what to say. I was saddened to think it had gone this far. For a long time, I had known about Kent Hovind’s mistress and how she had wrecked his marriage and family, but I just never thought it would come to this. Somehow, I thought he would do the right thing and try to save his marriage. But he was too distracted to be a husband to his wife. As has been the case for many years now, Kent Hovind was too busy with his mistress. And his mistress is not Mary Tocco."

"In case you haven’t guessed by now, Kent Hovind’s mistress isn’t Mary Tocco; it’s his ministry."

So some of his strongest followers are worried about Hovind dropping repentance from his gospel messages (Steve Anderson is rubbing off on him), and also that he seems to just be all about his ministry with no care about family.