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Super Bowl XLIX - Scorpio - 01-20-2015

So who do you like?  Patriots or Seahawks?  Place your bets.

For some reason, that as a Bills fan I cannot fathom, I will be rooting for the Patriots. 

And now that I said it, I am going to take a shower. 

RE: Super Bowl XLIX - Darrell - 01-20-2015


Definitely going Seahawks on this one.

RE: Super Bowl XLIX - myotch - 01-20-2015


RE: Super Bowl XLIX - JimE - 01-20-2015

I vote for the barbecued ribs, strawberry daiquiris and the ads.

RE: Super Bowl XLIX - RobMille - 01-20-2015

I would prefer Seattle to win. Last year I rooted for Denver, but I can't root for Brady/Bellichek. I voted for Pats, cause I think they will win just to spite me.

RE: Super Bowl XLIX - bean - 01-20-2015

Seahawks. My second favorite team after the Vikes. And since Myotch is cheering for the Pats I gotta cheer for the hawks lol!!

RE: Super Bowl XLIX - Scorpio - 01-21-2015

(01-20-2015, 10:48 PM)bean Wrote: My second favorite team after the Vikes.

Bills fan here.  Fellow 4-time Super Bowl loser.  But remember we did it 4 years in a row.  So we're the best losers.

No one circles the wagons.........

RE: Super Bowl XLIX - Tiarali - 01-22-2015

I actually tried watching last year. Didn't make much sense. And that was before the lights went out.

Hey, Arch! Do we support anyone in the Super Bowl this year?

RE: Super Bowl XLIX - Tiarali - 01-22-2015


Ok, wait. Is this true? If so, I'll support the Seahawks.

RE: Super Bowl XLIX - RobMille - 01-22-2015

I hate the Pats, and that story is that they apparently deflated the footballs. My policy is: cheaters always win & winners always cheat. Smile