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Dear So and So... - Trapped Pentecostal - 06-10-2011

This is a thread that I've seen on another forum that I thought might work here. Use this space to write to anyone about anything. You can write to the person at the fast food place that got your order wrong, tell your pastor that you thought his message this week was awful (or amazing, or amazingly awful). You can write to someone else on the forum, or to anyone anywhere else, about anything good or bad. The only rule is that you have to write your comment in the form of a letter.

I have found this kind of thread to be oddly therapeutic.

I'll start:

Dear Member of My Staff,

You are making my eye twitch today.

Trapped Pentecostal

Dear Darrell,

I think this board needs an eye-twitching smiley.

Trapped Pentecostal

RE: Dear So and So... - Jenni - 06-10-2011

Dear Parent of Rambunctious Children,

Your kids are wrecking my store. I have to clean up after them once you leave, and you're not even buying anything! Can you either 1) purchase $500 worth of stuff to make my sales goal for the day or 2) leave quickly and take your children to the carousel.

Underpaid Cashier

RE: Dear So and So... - greg - 06-10-2011

Dear Mr Calvin,

Prior to arriving at your system of theology did you ever actually read the gospel of John or any of the new testament beyond Romans?


Dear Don,

I just couldn't resist! Smile

By Grace,

Dear Trapped Pentecostal,

You didn't say the recipients had to be alive, and as I mentioned above, I couldn't resist.

Sarcastically yours,
Greg Big Grin

RE: Dear So and So... - Trapped Pentecostal - 06-10-2011

Dear Greg,

All persons, whether living or dead, real or fictional, may be addressed here.

--Trapped Pentecostal

RE: Dear So and So... - Scorpio - 06-10-2011

Dear greg,

I'm 4 billion years old.

The Earth

(sorry, I couldn't resist after reading the resurrected young earther thread Big Grin )

Dear Shoes,

We need to talk.

Dr. Scholls

RE: Dear So and So... - boymom - 06-10-2011

Dear Dad,
I really hate your dead cat jokes. You do realize that all of your children and grandchildren have cats as pets, right? It doesn't make you look macho, it makes you look mean.

Sincerely, your daughter

RE: Dear So and So... - Presbygirl - 06-10-2011

Dear Unamed Publix Cashier,

I hardly meet anyone that I truly don't like. You however, annoy me to no end! Quit talking so loudly and ringing that stupid bell when someone donates to a certain charity. I want to Jesus Juke you but I will refrain!



RE: Dear So and So... - Tony Mel - 06-10-2011

Dear Greenvillians,

The Civil War is over. No, really.

Tony Mel

RE: Dear So and So... - pastor's wife - 06-10-2011

Dear Mom,

You know we are trying to follow Christ's example of love when we opened our home to a child in need and became her legal guardians so when you said, "Your husband is going to have to answer to God for that", you made very, very angry at your your lack of compassion.

I've always tried to think the best of you, but your sense of perspective is seriously skewed. I wish I could say this to you in person. And I'm still can't believe that you would say such a thing.

Your daughter, who can now add your comment as one more reason I'm glad I'm no longer a fundy

RE: Dear So and So... - notdrinkingthekoolaid - 06-10-2011

Dear Trapped Pentecostal,

Are you a pea? If you aren't, please disregard my question. If you are...we need to chat! Big Grin


Dear God,

Would it be too much to ask to throw my sister a bone? She's been having a rough time of it for SO long...could you give her a million bucks or just zap her ex? If you decide not to go that route, could you just show up and be very real to her? She needs peace so badly.

Your child